Everything you need to master writing and communication at work

A suite of short, powerful courses to help you think, write, and connect

Your opportunity to have influence in life and work often depends on the quality of your writing. Clear writing is also at the heart of an organisation’s reputation, effectiveness, and customer relationships.

We’ve led the charge in New Zealand for 25+ years to help people get more value out of the time they spend writing, and to raise the quality of writing in business and government across the country. Now, our expertise is available online.

Kate Harrison Whiteside, Owner, Key Advice

“Why haven’t we been doing this style of communicating all along? Writing styles are often entrenched in organisations and professions....The motivation may be there but skills and knowledge may need help. Write’s Storytelling at Work online course and workbook is here to take you above and beyond.”

  • Designed for individuals who write or manage writers at work
  • Short lessons packed with practical advice and tools
  • User-friendly, mobile-responsive platform
  • Video, text, images, quizzes, and downloadable resources
  • Total value for money